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Angel Peak // Bisti Badlands

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Don't overlook northwest New Mexico! This two-for-one area is most definitely where we would spend more time, if we had to do the 2-week maiden voyage all over again...

Angel Peak

Coming from the busyness of the Grand Canyon and Page, Arizona, this was like a little slice of Heaven on earth! It was quiet, peaceful, beautiful and an all-around pleasant surprise. To be honest, we weren't even sure if we were going to follow through with our New Mexico plans.. it was at the very end of our road-trip and having two small children, we had set the status of our itinerary to "flexible", meaning, if kids (and/or parents haha!) were crabby, not sleeping well, and just flat out over it, we were heading home! BUT we all ended up being in good spirits and boy, am I glad we powered through!! This was one of those "hidden gem" areas that we sooooo long to find while on our travels.

Ok, we are not considering Angel Peak as an official hike, as we pulled up to the campground just in time for sunset and spent 45 minutes to an hour, walking around the area. However, we most definitely wanted to feature it on our blog because it's crazy beautiful! I do believe there is a trail you can take to get to Angel Peak, we just didn't have the time.. bummer!

Bisti Badlands

With Chet being from North Dakota, we are pretty familiar with "the badlands". Exploring the Bisti badlands kinda made us feel right at home. Finding this wilderness area was a little tricky. The parking lot is small and pulling into it, we weren't really sure we were in the right spot, despite the Bisti Wilderness sign. There is a trail but it isn't well marked and after about half a mile or so, the trail kind of disappears and is left for your interpretation. It was cold and windy the day we visited, so we did not spend the amount of time we would've liked to. I feel like we only saw the tip of the iceberg to this badlands playground.

While the sun was definitely out, the wind was too, and that sadly prevented us from exploring more of this super cool place. I'd like to think we will be back, but with so many places to travel to and see, I don't know that it's very likely... so YOU should go and discover more of this mysterious land for us!! Take lots of pictures & send them our way ;)

If you'd like some help in planning your next adventure, we'd love to help in any way we can! Shoot us an email at Hope to connect with you soon!

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