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Bighorn Canyon

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Can you believe I (Jamie) was born and raised only 2 hours from this beauty and yet, this was my first trip to the south end of the Bighorn Canyon!! Whaaaaat?! Yes, it's true.. sadly. We were blown away by the views of this gorgeous canyon and want to spend more time here, exploring its many trails. Not only was this a first to visit these sights but it was also our first trip in Mav the motor-home! Ever since Mav became part of our family, we'd been itching to take him out for an adventure. Our trip to the Bighorn Canyon was very short but oh so sweet. We went in mid-October and it ended up being the perfect time to go. We had the whole campground (Horseshoe Bend) & canyon to ourselves. As you will see from the pictures, it was well worth the trek for just a one-night stay.

These first set of pictures are from our hike along Sullivan's Knob Trail. In all of our hikes, even before kids, we have NEVER been on an easier hike with the most AMAZING views. I mean, this was seriously a cake walk in comparison to any and every other hike we have ever done. And yet, some of the best sights we've ever taken in. Winning! Also included some shots of fun with Mav, the newest member of our family!

A good morning was had by all after our first sleep in Maverick. We took in our second hike (Ranger's Delight) before heading home. Again, this trail couldn't be any easier. Both hikes were less than a mile with seriously no elevation gain (I mean, I'm sure there was a slight gain but it wasn't noticeable!). It was an overcast day, which made for some very moody pics.

And that's all she wrote, for now. We will explore this area again. Hope to see it from a boat, too! That would be a whole new perspective and an experience we would love to have.

Any questions or (nice) comments? ;) Please feel free to email us! We'd love to connect and help in any way we can! Or just make a new friend.. we love making friends!

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