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Chico Hot Springs

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Paradise Valley is called that for a reason.. it's a little slice of heaven on earth! Growing up in Montana, this was always one of our go-to spots, from family vacations, family reunions, camping, exploring, entering Yellowstone National Park to the simplicity of taking a break, relaxing and breathing in that fresh mountain air. I have so many fond memories of times spent at Chico Hot Springs, which is nestled smack dab in the middle of this mountainous paradise.

Most of my memories here involve me, with my mom, dad & sister, in my one-piece swimsuit & pink goggles, floaties around my twiggy little arms, repeatedly jumping off the edge into the hot spring pool or being tossed in the air by dad. When I think of Chico, I think of swimming, and swimming, and more swimming and then swimming again... I think you get my point! ;) As a child, swimming is life, and I will forever think of Chico as one of our top swimming destinations. So with that, can you imagine my excitement in taking my own children to this nostalgic place?! I could not wait to get my children in that pool! Talk about walking down memory lane! Our days at Chico are only beginning. It's really hard to put into words what it's like to watch your kids walk down a path that you've already been on. Sentimental, yes.. but it's deeper than that. I guess I'll have to let the smile on my face do the talking.

November is birthday month for Chet & myself so we used that as our reason to rent out a cozy little cabin for a couple of nights. We will have to upgrade as the boys get bigger but it was the perfect fit for our little family this time around. Can you spot Bambi in the first picture? She was simply stopping by to give us an official greeting to Chico Hot Springs! And check out the views from our cabin - heavenly!

I think I talked enough about swimming at the beginning of this post, so with that, SWIMMING!!!

(how great is Bear's face in his floatie?! Like, I am king & you are here to serve me! ha!!)

As hard as it is to get out of the pool, we did spend a little time exploring the area with the boys in their packs. The sun was on its way to setting & the lighting was gorgeous but the temperature was dropping rapidly so we did not get to be out as long as we would've liked. We did, however, manage to snag a few pictures, capturing the beauty of Chico's surroundings. One of these will definitely go in a frame!

Our first family trip to Chico Hot Springs = SUCCESS! If you are planning an escape to Paradise Valley and need a little help in doing so, please reach out to us! The best way is to shoot us an email -

We look forward to connecting with you! Adventure on!!

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