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Disney World without kids? Who would ever think of such a thing? US!!! An adults-only Disney trip is a pretty magical thing, too, and Epcot is one of the main reasons why...

Disney's Epcot is your one-stop shop for a multi-cultural experience. It was the one park that I (Jamie) did NOT enjoy as a kid but have since grown such an appreciation for and genuinely look forward to visiting. As educational as Epcot is, it's also loaded with lots of fun and hosts two of our all-time favorite Disney World rides - Test Track & Soarin'.

One of the reasons we chose to visit Disney at the end of September/early October was to partake in the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. What a great way to sample food & drink from different countries all over the world, without having to do excessive amounts of traveling! It was my goal to eat & drink from each country and I am sad to report that I was not able to accomplish this lofty goal. I needed a whole week solely dedicated to Epcot if I was going to get the job done! We also spent 3 of our 8 evenings in Epcot, which meant dinning in 3 different countries - so fun! We dined in Japan, Canada and Germany, all of which were amazing. If I had to pick one, though, the filet mignon in Canada just couldn't be topped. I'd never had a more tender cut of meat in all my life!

Pictures in Epcot include the obligatory Spaceship Earth photo, cuisine from several countries, lively entertainment found in Morocco & Germany, the wind-blown look provided by Test Track, the one & only rainstorm we encountered and of course, Epcot's night show - Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

Test Track ride is pictured below. They always manage to snap the pic when you're looking your best ;) Take a close look at Papa - looks as though the ride knocked him right to sleep! And there's Chet's face too.. we could cut him out of this picture & place him on a different type of seat, that is usually white and made of porcelain (catch my drift?!) ha ha!

Continuing on... as we were walking around the world one afternoon, we happened upon a very lively Moroccan band. They were AWESOME! Made you wanna move your hips. I refrained and took pictures instead. Decided it's best to leave that to the professionals :)

If you don't encounter a rainstorm while at Disney World, did you really even visit Disney World? An afternoon burst is almost always guaranteed if you're staying for any length of time. And a Disney trip just wouldn't be complete without bringing out the rain jacket!

Dinner in Germany was full of brats & beer, obviously! The combination of atmosphere, entertainment, food and good company really boosted my desire to someday visit Germany during Oktoberfest. This was our "last supper" of the trip and it did not disappoint.

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth showcases the 11 countries represented at Epcot and is a beautiful display of the power found in a united world. It inspires hope in humanity & almost feels like a prayer for peace. The show features fireworks, water elements, lasers & lights - it is not to be missed!

We are no Disney experts but if you have any questions, are looking for suggestions & recommendations, shoot us an email at and we would love to help out as best we can!

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