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Sioux Charley Lake

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This gorgeous backdrop is easy to find, easy to hike to and easy on the eyes! The Stillwater River accompanies you along the way and adds so much beauty to this adventure. In our opinion, Sioux Charley would be in our top 3 "easiest" hikes in the Beartooths. Truth be told, we did not continue beyond the spot we took our pictures, so for us, the trail was roughly 5 miles round-trip. If you want to actually dip your toes in the water, you'd be doing about 6.5/7 miles. Elevation gain comes in at a steep 930 ft --- disclaimer: it's not steep. We would HIGHLY recommend this one to a beginner. Mama bear, here, did this hike when she was 30 weeks pregnant with that little cutie in the picture above, sooooo..... no excuses ;) Sioux is super easy to locate. As you drive through Nye, MT, eventually passing by the Stillwater Mine, you will run into one of our favorite campgrounds, Woodbine. At the fork in the road, left takes you to the campground, right takes you to the trailhead. We also HIGHLY recommend that you camp at Woodbine for a couple of nights, do a day hike to Sioux and splash around in the Stillwater River! There are several little pools in the river that are perrrrrfect for a swim on a hot summer day. Ok, enough talk... check out these pictures from our Woodbine/Sioux Charley trip in mid-August ----------->

Camping fun at Woodbine! Just a heads up: this campground takes reservations and often times, it is booked out months in advance, so if you want prime property, plan ahead and book early!

The best way to end a day in the mountains -- butt naked! HA! We hope these pictures have enticed you to go see this babe for yourself.

Any questions? We love to help others find their adventure! Email us -

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