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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The bold, the brave, the beautiful (no, not the soap opera)... the badlands!

Not a dis to NoDak by any means, but most people don't think about the state when they are considering a hiking vacation. But maybe they should?! Especially if there are young kiddos involved. The badlands of western North Dakota was the perfect spot for our whole family to enjoy.

We spent a couple days exploring TRNP, right outside of Medora, an unbelievably fun little cowboy town. Note: Medora is dead in the off-season.. like dead, dead.. really dead. I think a gas station and one restaurant/bar was open while we were there. If you want to take in the park as well as the cutsie town in all its glory & busyness, go anywhere from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

The one perk to going to this park during off-season.. it's dead.. like dead, dead.. really dead. We had the whole place to ourselves! We went right after Easter, so the end of April. The weather is a bit of a gamble at this time, and tick season is in full swing (YUCK!), but the place is yours to freely roam and park your motor-home ;)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Wind Canyon Trail

Boicourt Overlook Trail

Coal Vein Trail

Painted Canyon Nature Trail

There was a lot about this park that reminded me of Yellowstone NP, just without the crowd (major win for Teddy's park!). Beautiful landscape, plenty of wildlife sightings (we saw a ton of buffalo and even more buffalo poo.. ha!), all kinds of hiking trails and great campsites to park your home on wheels or set up the tent. This family would highly recommend a summer visit to TRNP! Be sure to take in the Medora musical and steak fondue dinner, too. YUM!

We hope this has you considering a visit to the badlands of North Dakota! If so and you need some help in the planning part, shoot us an email at and we will do our best to answer all of your questions! Or just shoot us an email to say hi! We promise to say hi back ;)

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