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YungBen's Yoga | Yelvington Studio

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Have you ever thought about having a personal, in-home yoga session? Well if not, you should!! We recently connected with YungBen & Dixie Yelvington, invited them into our home and had an awesome time learning new poses, stretching out sore muscles and getting the kids involved! They offer several services including: mat, aerial, partner yoga & aerial performance. Dixie is also a graphic designer specializing in print, web, branding design and illustration. These two are mega talented and are right here in Billings!

Check out our yoga sesh....

We were a little nervous about the kids and how well they would do. We weren't sure if they'd be up for participating and figured we might lose their interest to their toys but boy, were we wrong! They loved it, Rowen especially because he got to fly high in the sky in the acrobatic, airplane pose :) So trust me, your kids would love this! It's something new, different and is truly beneficial, as YungBen's Yoga is about "connecting the mind, body and breath".

Parent/Toddler & Baby Yoga

Divine drops - calming for child, workout for parents

Lion's Breath (Rowen had a blast pretending he was a fierce lion)

Down dog (bear walking)

Bird (or airplane) - active

Leg wiggles & stomach massage

That is just a small taste of what we experienced! We definitely learned a lot and are excited to continue using these poses & techniques with the kids. Yoga is not only good for their little growing bodies but is a great calming and connecting tool to use as well!

We also had time to do some partner yoga, yay!! YungBen & Dixie really wanted to teach us some poses and techniques that we could use to help with our always sore & tight muscles, as we travel the country in a motor home and pack the kids on our backs during our many hikes!

Partner Yoga

These two blew us away with their flexibility, strength and most of all, TRUST in one another! I wasn't too sure Chet could hold me up and keep me well balanced haha ;) In their own words, "Partner yoga is a great way to bond with a good friend, family member (parent and child) or romantic partner". We couldn't agree more!

Alright you guys, go check them out and start planning your in-home session! You won't be disappointed.. it is a great activity for the whole family and not only is it a great learning experience but it's super FUN too! YungBen and Dixie are extremely kind, patient and are excellent teachers. We look forward to working with them again!

To book your personalized family yoga in-home session with the Yelvingtons, call YungBen at 406-209-8642. Interested in what we offer and in our pricing, give us a call or check out our website and Facebook for more details.

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