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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

It's nice to meet you...

Welcome to our adventure, which is really your adventure too, if you choose to come along! We would LOVE for you to join us as we make our way, well, everywhere! If you stopped by our 'About Us' page then you know a little about our family and our overall goal. This post will explain that goal in more detail. So rev up your excitement level because we need excited people on board with us. Your love, support, encouragement and friendship will be the fuel to our fire, the gas in our tank and the wind in our sails.

The Blotske family is going to hike all 50 states (hence our name) with no set time frame and in no particular order. We are calling this tour of ours, "The Road Less Traveled". While we definitely plan to hit up some iconic American hot spots, like the Grand Canyon, we want to focus on hiking trails that don't get a lot of attention. We love uncovering hidden gems, discovering new territory and exploring the unknown. This is one of many reasons that we need YOU! Weeks or even months in advance, we will announce which state we plan to visit and we are counting on you to help us out. If you live in the state we plan to visit next, we want to hear from you -- we want your suggestions on hiking trails, preferably the ones no one is talking about ;)

Traveling is expensive... err, wait... Traveling CAN BE expensive! Yes, it does take a little cash to float around the US but it doesn't have to break you or take years of saving. Stay tuned for a later blog post on how we do affordable traveling! In order to cut back on cost, and by that we mean, eliminating airfare, we have added to our traveling family. Meet Maverick ---------->

Mav is our most recent purchase and he is going to take us all over the country! It obviously isn't the fastest way to travel but it's by far the BEST way to see & do more. The destination might be the end goal but the journey to get there is where most of the adventure lies, and we FOR SURE don't want to miss out on that!! And what could be better than 3 boys and 1 out-numbered mama, confined to a relatively small living space, with hours upon hours of road travel?! Well, you can be sure we will have some good (stinky) stories to tell.

Ultimately, we are out to make unforgettable family memories while inspiring others to do the same. We want this journey of ours to help you find the motivation to get out and explore. There are several ways you can stay connected with us while we adventure. At the bottom of this page, you can subscribe to our mailing list! We hope to send out monthly mailers to keep you informed on our recent travels and where we plan to visit next. You can email us at anytime - - and we will do our best to respond, whether that is answering your questions or thanking you for your trail recommendations! You can also follow us on Instagram - @thebackpackingblotskes - as well as on Facebook.

Once again, thank you for your support! We couldn't, nor would we want to, do this without you. We look forward to connecting with you, getting to know you and maybe even meeting you, somewhere down the road. This world is too big and this life is too short. The Blotskes refuse to be bench warmers -- we're getting in the game! We hope you will, too!

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2 коментарі

21 вер. 2018 р.

Thank you @jeffstamper2! It sounds AMAZING and we will definitely add it to our list. The one really fun thing about our new adventure is the opportunity to meet up with family & friends that we have spread out all over the U.S. Hope to see you when we make it to CA!


19 вер. 2018 р.

If you happen by our neighborhood check out Big Sycamore Canyon Trail. It begins about 5 miles from our house and is approximately an 8 mile wilderness hike to the Pacific Ocean. I know you’d love it. There is also a campground at the end of the hike so you can take off those hiking shoes and refresh your toes in the Pacific.

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